W. Construction Big Sky Community building excavation and services
W. Construction Servicing Florida, Montana and other areas.
Jeremy Wortman

W. Construction Services

W Construction has completed a wide variety of excavation projects. We have the resources, equipment personnel and experience to meet your needs.

Site Work:
Large or small projects, we can work as a general or sub contractor to perform a variety of site work.

W Construction offers a variety of services from commercial sewer and water installation to residential septic systems and service installations. Commercial, residential or civil we can meet your needs.

Pond Construction:
New and old pond construction and remediation.

Road Construction and Maintenance:
Clearing and grubbing, steep terrain work, road construction, parking lot construction, and driveway installation are just a few of the services we offer.

Landslide | Earth Stabilization:
When site soil conditions are dynamic so is W Constructions approach to a solution. Unstable and unforeseen site conditions can be disastrous to budgets and timelines. W Construction has the experience and personnel to take on the most challenging geotechnical problems. Soil buttress installation, soil key way earthwork and roadway slide repair are just a few examples of Geotechnical tools that can be delivered in a safe, timely and cost efficient manner.

Site grading
Land leveling, rough and final grade, slope stabilization and finish work.